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Heyo! My name is Scotty Rich, AKA Scott the Idea Guy. At the moment, I work primarily as a freelance composer for video games. When I’m not doing that, I spend my time as an indie developer, programming and designing my first two titles, Unblooded and Tag Team Burnout. For anything regarding commissions, feel free to check out my Contact Page and fill out the form. I’d be happy to hear from you!

Scotty Rich’s Unblooded

Scotty Rich’s Unblooded is my active indie game project.

Unblooded is a pairing of real-time tactics and a 1-bit Nokia 3310 art direction. Play as a young wheat reaper questing to resurrect his friends, using anything he can to defeat murderous beasts. The simple yet intense combat will test your skills through abundant isometric battlefields.

Basic Unblooded Gameplay

The story follows Dralton the wheat reaper as he tries to rescue the his friends from their recent demise. I’m taking a more serious tone, having the character deal with loss and grief throughout his journey. The gameplay is real-time, meaning the player must rely on quick thinking, and good reflexes to complete their goal.

If you’re interested in the project, click here to learn more. Alternatively, you can join The Idea Guys community Discord server, at There you can sign up for exclusive and early updates, and meet other people excited about the game. For more general updates, feel free to follow me on either my personal Twitter, @AnIdeaGuy, or Unblooded’s dedicated Twitter, @UnbloodedGAME.

Tag Team Burnout

Tag Team Burnout

Currently on the back burner, Tag Team Burnout can be categorized as a story-based Shoot ‘Em Up, a brief yet intense single-player experience, and a whole lot of fun.

The last breath of humanity crash lands on a strange alien planet. Survivors find it in the midst of oppression from can-headed robots. You the player switch between busting robot heads as the soldier Alpha, and helping those who have been hurt as the medic Sander. Adventuring onward, the duo wonders why the bots are so hostile. After all, they traveled there in the same ship.

The game is primarily focused on overcoming the curse of burnout. We’re hoping to tell a tale of this struggle through player experience, and narrative as well. Gameplay and story will both be closely tied to themes of fighting these pressures to overwork yourself. As you’ll quickly find out, this is quite a bit tougher than you’d think to manage, even controlling two player characters.

[screenshots coming soon]

Scotty's social media pages

Social Media

At the moment, I post everything I have related to Unblooded and Tag Team Burnout on my personal Twitter, @AnIdeaGuy, along with other sorts of development fun. I try my best to keep you updated there while staying interesting. As Idea Guy Interactive grows, so will our presence on different platforms.

Scotty Rich's Discord


The link below will send you to our Discord community, where you can chat with us directly about anything. Come and say hi!

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If you want, and you by no means have to, Scotty Rich has a Ko-Fi where you can help him pursue being an indie developer further, and not to mention you’d also be giving a huge hand putting Tag Team Burnout on virtual shelves at a quicker pace. All with the power of dollars.

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