Unblooded, a Scotty Rich game

Scotty Rich’s Unblooded is my active indie game project.

Unblooded is a pairing of real-time tactics and a 1-bit Nokia 3310 art direction. Play as a young wheat reaper questing to resurrect his friends, using anything he can to defeat murderous beasts. The simple yet intense combat will test your skills through abundant isometric battlefields.

Basic Unblooded Gamplay Unblooded Dialogue with Boss Unblooded Level Editor

This endeavor began as an entry to the second annual Nokia 3310 Jam, where Tyler Corbett and I had less than a week to create a game that had a screen resolution of 84×48 pixels, two fixed colors, and only one sound able to be played at a time. We had a lot of fun, but had to sneak it in two minutes before the deadline. No room for testing. As a result, I missed a major display bug, as well as a ton of content we never got to add. So now I’m doing my best to make the best version of Unblooded that I can!

The story follows Dralton the wheat reaper as he tries to rescue the his friends from their recent demise. I’m taking a more serious tone, having the character deal with loss and grief throughout his journey. The gameplay is real-time, meaning the player must rely on quick thinking, and good reflexes to complete their goal.

All interactive objects are bound to a spaced out isometric grid, ensuring that things remain clear in the low resolution world. Collecting tools from your lost comrades along the way, combat remains fresh and exciting, beginning to end.

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